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Yr 9 students set out on a survival skills hiking adventure for 3 days and 2 nights through the Brooyar State Forest.   

“Last week, 41 Yr 9 students and 1 Yr 10 student went on a survival camp from Monday to Wednesday up in the Brooyar State forest, just outside Gympie. We were split into two groups- the girls and the boys- and parted ways on Monday. We then didn’t see each other again until Wednesday.  We hiked with heavy packs for 3 days and camped for 2 nights. Stopping at both the water camp and food camp.

On the first day, the girls hiked to the water camp, but not before the abseiling activity. We walked backwards down a 15 meter cliff face which overlooked the base camp. That night, we cooked steaks and sausages on a barbecue, and reflected on our feelings around a non-existent campfire due to fire restrictions.

On the second day, we made eggs and bacon for breakfast, and that morning we learnt about water filtration. It was then a 4km hike to the area where we did a shelter building activity. We had about 40 mins to use a variety of materials and build a shelter from a “storm”. From there, we finished the day by walking to the food camp and going down to the Mary River, where we climbed rocks and threw algae at each other. We also had a great game of Paranoia. That night, it was a great meal of chicken schnitzels and salad, with a not-so-great side of powdered mashed potato.

The last day was the easiest. I think the thing that kept us going was the prospect of going home. Our awesome navigator/tour guide CeCe took us on an easy route back to base camp. We arrived before the boys, but that didn’t stop our instructor from putting us to work, packing up and putting things away and getting our gear organised. After a quick lunch, we loaded onto the bus for the 4 hour ride back to the college. The bus ride home was pretty boring, until we got a safety briefing- air hostess style- from the one and only, Mr Hyde.

We would all like to thank Mr Byrnes, Mr Hyde, Miss Schinckel, Mr Worton, and of course the Total Adventures team for this amazing experience, that we will not soon forget.”

Cleah Sullivan

“Our first mission as the boys’ group was to hike about 3 km to food camp under the instructions of our awesome guide, Wade. On the way we learnt where to find food in the wilderness and what is edible and what isn’t. We arrived at camp and set up the tents and then we enjoyed each others company for a bit before enjoying dinner cooked and prepared by our amazing chefs (students).

The following day after breakfast we learnt how to make snares and traps in order to catch food. We then left camp and hiked about another 3 km to an abseiling point, it was a 14 metre high rock wall and although it doesn’t sound very high it was pretty scary when you were first going down. It was really good to see all the boys cheering each other on, and encourage one another – it was also a brave attempt by everyone that gave it a go. After the abseiling we walked to water camp which was a 4 km hike, although this doesn’t seem like a long way we had packs on our backs carrying everything we brought with us so over time it felt heavier. We finally reached water camp and we got settled in, we then had a go at setting a piece of cotton on fire with flint and steel. By this time it was dark, and time for dinner, steak, sausages by Noah and Dylan and salad thanks Lachlan, another great meal by our great cooks.

We all woke up ready for our last day of camp and hungry for our breakfast of bacon and eggs. Wade taught us some of the best ways to collect and gather water in the wild. We then went down to a creek for a rock skimming contest with some people not even being able to hit the water to others getting eight in a row and putting even the teachers to shame. Finally we got our packs and walked to base camp where the bus was waiting for us. The boys had a blast on camp and it was all thanks to the teachers who organised it, so a huge round of applause to the teachers having to put up with us for three days straight.”

Jacob Wills

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