On Tuesday 26th May Year 4 students worked with volunteers from Tamborine Mountain Landcare and Jacobs Well Environmental Education Centre for a hands on learning experience.

The students participated in 3 activities, weeding, planting and exploring the freshwater macro-invertebrates and water quality of the creek at Hartley Road. Our morning began with a discussion of what weeds are, what particular types look like and why it is important to remove them from our environment. Once we had successfully removed a number of weeds, students then dug holes and planted native trees. Each student tagged their tree by writing their name on a special tag and tying it on a stick next to the tree.

After morning tea the students learnt about the type of freshwater bugs (macro-invertebrates) that live in freshwater steams and some special features they have to survive. Then working in teams the students caught the water-bugs from mini ponds and viewed them under the powerful micro-eye microscope which projected the images onto a digital television for closer investigation.

The students also used classification charts to identify the bugs. Thirteen different water bugs were identified including the caddisfly larvae and mayfly nymphs which are juvenile, sensitive water-bugs and indicators of very good water quality.

It was a wonderful morning and a special thank you goes to everyone involved in making this a fantastic experience for the students of year 4.

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