(Photos Below) On Thursday 10th September Year 4 students visited the Brisbane Maritime Museum. The purpose of this visit was to enable students to observe how early explorers navigated the oceans using various instruments. The Museum contains extensive collections of historical maritime artefacts, books, documents and photographs. Here is a recount written by one of our students, Ursula Casey- Neil.

When we arrived at the museum we saw a boat called ‘The Pink Lady’ which was the boat Jessica Watson sailed in when she was only 16. Next, we saw lots of cannons which we could make go up and down and side to side. Then we went inside a really big boat called the ‘Diamantina’ and got a sense of what it was like to live on a boat. There was lots of rooms like the captain’s headquarters, hospitals and a kitchen. They had manikins who were wearing the clothes that the people on board the boat used to wear, so we could see what their uniforms looked like. All the rooms had a different thing that they demonstrated. This showed the many different things that people did, which gave us a really good understanding of what it would be like living on a ship. Next we stopped to enjoy lunch, overlooking the Brisbane River. After lunch we continued on with our tour, this time exploring inside the museum. We saw various nautical equipment and instruments, including compasses, octants, boat building tools and diving equipment. It was a wonderful excursion and everyone had a fantastic time!

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