Tamborine Mountain College is pleased to announce the commencement of the Year 4 Curricular Band Program in 2017. Instead of taking general music classes, all Year 4 students will learn a band instrument. There is no better way to study music than to learn an instrument and play in an ensemble! Each child will receive free instrument hire and free weekly tuition in small groups.

In Term 1 students will be introduced to each band instrument and have the opportunity to test out each one in small groups. Students will be allocated an instrument based on the results of these small trials and music results from the previous year, with individual preferences taken into account.

In Term 3 students will create the Year 4 Band, with rehearsals scheduled during class time. Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to observe more experienced musicians in concert. The Year 4 Band will perform at the end of year Music Concert at TMC.

Why learn an instrument?

Learning an instrument helps students to develop perseverance, self-discipline and confidence. Importantly, research shows that learning to play a musical instrument in childhood is associated with a higher IQ and stronger academic performance (Google search: “APA Music Boost IQ and Grades” for one example). It provides a creative outlet for emotional expression, and gives students the opportunity to make friends with students in various year levels. Plus, it’s fun! See below for a short clip on how learning to play an instrument (as opposed to just listening to music) enhances your brain.

Kristy Johnston, Teacher

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