The excursion according to some students – 

Myles Kelly – On Friday TMC, Year 3, went to Scenic Rim 4Real Milk farm and I learnt a lot about milk. The lady who told us was Rose, she was really nice and there was this really cool robotic milking machine and there were grades for the cows as they get older; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The family who owned it was the Dennis family.

Jempii Burns – We saw cows and they have to go in a machine to get milk out of the udders. Then we went where machines get the milk ready and then they put the milk in containers and they then put it in a truck so it can go to the shops.

Nitika Guymer – On Friday Year 3 went on an excursion. We met some people, we also saw a robotic machine and we saw some cows. We got to see some baby cows and we got to pat a babe cow. We also saw a dog whose name was called Jack. We saw a bottle machine that puts lids on cartons and we had some lunch and a play and took pictures with the cows as well. The machine milks the cows and gets put into a pipe which goes into a big metal tank.

Toby Bray – First we looked at this big machine that weighed the cows. When the cows got on the machine it instantly knew what cow it was and how much it weighed and its temperature. Then the machine put these cups on and collected the milk. The thing that knows which cow was which and milked the cows was the computer. There was a conveyor belt that got the jugs, lids and some other things.

A great day with lots of learning happening!


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