Cheese Factory Excursion      26.03.15

Year 3 went to Witches Chase Cheese Factory on 26th March between 9:30am-10:30am. Michael was the Head Cheese Maker and Sarah was helping us. Most of the cheese was handmade and we got to have a taste test. We also smelt the cheese in one of the refrigerators. The blue cheese smelt gross. I only didn’t like the blue cheese every other cheese I liked and most of the class was the same. The cheese factory was on Tamborine Mountain.

The cheese was made by a dairy farm in Beaudesert, then the milk got sent to the cheese factory.  There was a couple of machines at the factory, one had one thousand litres of milk in it and one had a needle that made air pockets in the cheese so that mould could grow.

Toby Bray, Year 3

One Thursday Year 3 went on a Cheese Factory Excursion at 9:30am until 10:30am.  When we got there we talked about how cheese is made. It was really cool and these are some of the things Michael told us. He is in charge of the people that work at his Cheese Factory and the place is on Tamborine Mountain. The milk comes from cows, then they put the milk in a container that carries one thousand litres and the machine stirs it until the milk turns into cheese. Then they put it into the big metal container that looks like a big bath. They put a big needle into the cheese to het the air in it. If you leave it for 12 weeks there will be some mould which is good mould. This cheese is called blue vain cheese. There are some other cheeses like Cheddar cheese, British blue cheese and Old English cheese. You might want to go and check it out sometime.

Jessamy Redmond, Year 3

One Thursday 26th March 2015, Year 3 went on an excursion to the Witches Chase Cheese Factory on Tamborine Mountain. The head cheese maker, Michael, talked to us about how cheese is made and showed us the cheese making things and his workers. Then we went to a cheese tasting place and tried some cheese like Cheddar, British blue and Old English. We had a lot of fun and we had a lot of cheese of course. We travelled in volunteer parents cars to and from the factory.

Ruby Jones, Year 3

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