(Photos Below) Here are some recounts of the sleepover written by our students.

On Friday 4th September Year 3 and 4 had a sleepover at school. The first thing we did was make worry dolls with the Year 4s. They are made of wool and a peg. It was fun to make it. We used them if we had a nightmare. You say your fears to it and then put it under your pillow. The second thing we did was decorate biscuits. We had a biscuit decorating competition which was fun.

After lunch we played sport with Mr Fern. We played on the playground and the oval. After school we had some free time. We could play some board games, colouring in or make Father’s Day cards. Once everyone else went home we took our bags and sleeping things over to the hub. We set up our beds, got changed into our free clothes and played outside.

At 6:00pm the pizza came and we all had pizza and a popper. There was Hawaiian, Meat lovers, Garlic and Cheese pizza. After dinner we did some star gazing with Mr Fern and Mr Adams. We also played outside in the dark with our torches. After getting into our PJs we watched a movie called Wreck It Ralf. Then we went to sleep. The next morning we packed everything up and went home. I loved it!
Cooper Todd, Year 3

Year 3 and 4 had a sleepover at school. We made worry dolls so we wouldn’t worry about things. Year 3 and 4 had a biscuit decorating competition and ate the biscuits. We played with Mr Fern and he did some games with us. When the bell rang we got ready for the sleepover and put our sleepover bags in the hub and got changed into our free dress. We then had some free time outside. After dinner we got to see the stars and look in a telescope. We played a game outside with the teachers and had dinner before we watched a movie and went to sleep.
Finlay Munro, Year 3

The sleepover was great! The sleepover started on Friday for the Year 3 and 4 students and ended on Saturday. We did lots of things such as making worry dolls. Worry dolls are dolls that you tell your worries to so you feel safe. It’s really easy to make you just get a wooden peg and wool. You wrap the wool around the peg and draw a face on it. You can glue some hair on if you like.

The cookie decorating competition was so much fun. I’ll tell you what I made. I put some blue, green and pink icing on my cookie and it was excellent to decorate. There was all different selections of decorating toppings. It was so much fun. After that we did sport with Mr Fern. We played team building games such as monkey on the rocks. There is so much more team work in the game that we now realise.

After school we did some quiet activities. We sat down and drew or read some books. Then we moved to the hub with our bags and set up. We had afternoon tea before changing into casual clothes. Then we had sport and other activities like playing basket ball and doing cart wheels. We had pizza and poppers, it was very delicious. After dinner we did star gazing which was a fantastic experience. We saw Saturn and how amazing is that? We saw a group of little stars and we found out heaps of information. Then we watched a movie and had hot chocolate before bed. In the morning we packed up and went home.
Billi Van de Woude

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