Next year is a very important year for the College and its students and families – TMC P-12. ​ ​ There are some necessary changes and additions for uniform and this decision has been made by our TMC Board and myself to ensure a high standard for our private, independent College. ​ ​ The good news is that prices of uniform items have significantly decreased which is a direct benefit to our parents and will offset any extra item costs such as the swim-wear. ​ ​ We have designed these changes to cause the least amount of disruption or discontent from our College community. ​ ​ We thank our parents who are always so supportive and positive.

  • A new College hat is being introduced in 2015 with a band identifying our logo. The existing Akubra will become obsolete over time. ​ ​ Be aware that NO second-hand Akubras can be bought or sold for College uniform use in 2015 and beyond. ​ ​ All current College students, except for Yr 12, will have their Akubra fitted with the new band, scheduled over the next few weeks, free of charge.
  • Navy blazers will have a new pocket with the full College logo from 2015. Navy blazers are for Yr 10, 11, 12 students Donations of the old version blazer can be made to our Uniform Shop. ​ ​ Be aware that any sales or buying of blazers that have the obsolete pocket will NOT be acceptable for College uniform in 2015 and beyond. ​ ​ Only existing navy blazers of our current Yr 11 students (2014) without the full logo pocket will be acceptable for their final year in 2015.
  • Current Yr 8 (2014) will wear a green blazer next year on a “hire” system, $60pa with the green blazer returned to the Uniform Shop at the end of 2015 clean and in good condition.
  • The girls’ tartan skirt is obsolete next year. ​ ​ Every current TMC girl student (except Yr 12) will be given, free of charge, one new grey skirt for wear in 2015. ​ ​ The old tartan skirts can be donated to the uniform shop where some will be refashioned into hair ties and the majority sent overseas to a needy school.
  • In addition TMC swim-wear is compulsory for all students from 2015 – see photos below.

boys swimmers girls swimmers

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