On Wednesday (11/03) night the newly formed Tamborine Mountain College French Group (Le Groupe Français) met at The Hilltop Gallery for a wine and cheese tasting. Eva the owner of the Gallery went one step further offering a delightful range of French hors d’oeuvres of dips and canapes including sensational vol au vents aux crevettes (prawn).

Witches Falls wines were on show for a tasting of the mountain’s only true locally grown wines including some great French varieties.

TMC’s Monsieur Stock gave a short address informing all present of the pedagogical objectives of the group, focussing on the idea of sharing our love of French and all things French, which most importantly includes how we can make learning French relevant to our students’ whole learning program across all subjects.

This means that we believe that a second language cannot be learned in isolation but needs to be included in all curriculum areas and made relevant to the students’ own lives.

For example we can encourage teachers and students to use the French they are learning in other subject areas and in their own lives; find ways for families to participate in the learning like encouraging students to speak some French at home; learn to appreciate French culture like watching French films on SBS; foster a love of learning not only of French but of everything.

This is why the invitation to join the French Group is extended beyond the school to the wider community and the families of our students. The group is ready to assist TMC students’ parents to get involved in their child’s language learning to make it more relevant and engaging for all involved.

The next TMC French Group event will be held in May at The Hilltop Gallery with a different theme and food offering, and anyone interested in attending can email Mr Stock at [email protected]


French Group Meeting



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