Good afternoon parents,

Another fantastic week draws to a close at TMC Primary.  I went to visit a few classrooms this week and saw a lot of Science activities going on.  It was great to see our Science lessons happening not only inside, but outside our classrooms as well.  Very soon a number of our classes will be taking over the vegetable patch to start growing their own food.  TMC is proudly focussed on developing our garden organically, so all classes who use it will investigate effective natural solutions to pest and weed management.

Open Day is tomorrow and a number of students have been asked to come along to help their teachers show visitors around their rooms.  I would like to formally invite all students to come along with their families and ask that you bring a friend who is not currently at TMC to show them the wonderful things that are happening here.  The Open Day starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 12:30 pm.  I hope to see everyone there.

Kind regards,

Mark Stevens

Head of Primary


Story of Success – Jake Coughlan – Ice Hockey Superstar!

Jake (in foreground) skating with Valour

Team Photo (Jake is third from left in front row)

Action Shot!

On Saturday 22nd April our Primary Nicholls Sports Captain, Jake Coughlan, travelled to Hong Kong to be part of Asia’s largest ice hockey tournament. This annual tournament hosts many different youth and adult teams, with players attending from all over the world. The tournament is held in an international-sized rink located within a huge shopping centre, ‘Mega Box’.

Jake played, together with four other Queensland boys, in a team called the Bangkok Warriors. He actually was asked to play up an age level (PeeWee level), skating with and against kids a couple of years older than him.

Congratulations Jake!


Uniform Notes

  • Shoes – A reminder that all sports shoes must be white or black.  Black is typically preferred because of our lovely red soil!
  • Boys’ hair – A small number of Primary boys need to visit the hairdresser this weekend.  Boys hair is to always be presented neatly, not touching the collar.
  • Hats – Students must bring the correct hat with them each day.  The formal and sports hats are not to be worn with the other uniform.  Students who do not bring a hat will be asked to sit out of outside sports activities.
  • Our uniform is also to be worn correctly when outside the College.  Shirts should be tucked in for boys and girls should have long hair tied back.  When they are in uniform, they are our representatives!


Animal Welfare League Free Dress Day – 23 May

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) has led the initiative in developing a free dress day to raise supplies for Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ).

On May 23 all students are invited to wear free dress for the day, with an animal theme if possible (i.e. picture of an animal on their shirt, or full animal costume if you have one!).  Students without animal picture shirt or costume may still wear free dress of their choice for the day.

Primary students are to donate at least one can or bag of dog/cat food to participate.  AWLQ relies on community donations of money and food from the community.  The Year 6 captains and selected SRC members will travel to the AWLQ to personally make the donation after the event is finished and a story will be written for the Primary News.

Please give your donation to your classroom teacher from Monday May 8 to have your name checked off the list of participants.

Please note – AWLQ is unable to accept opened tins and bags of food, so please donate new items only.


Year 4 & 5 Camp – August 7, 8 & 9

This August, Year 4 and Year 5 students will travel to the Gold Coast Recreation Centre (GCRC) for a three day camp.  The GCRC is a modern camp that always delivers an incredible experience for their guests.  Payment details and further information will be released soon.

**Unfortunately, there is a clash on the timetable between the camp and the District Track and Field Events.  This was the only week available for booking when I locked it in last year.  I have since called the centre to ask for a change of date, but I have not had any luck.  If your child is in Year 4 or 5 and they are selected for the District Track and Field event, you will have a number of options available which I will discuss with those parents closer to the date.**


Two Minute Loading Zone in the Car Park

It was great to see no parents leaving their cars in the zone during the week.  I did not have to hand out any orange tickets, which was a relief to me! Unfortunately, the zone still was not working effectively as a number of parents did use these spaces for a lot longer than two minutes while they were either waiting for Primary students, or their Secondary-aged siblings.  Ideally, the two minute zone should only be used if you see your child waiting at the car park seats.  Please use the long term parking spaces if you know that you are not just picking up and leaving straight away.


NAPLAN Tests Year 3 and Year 5

NAPLAN tests are being held next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  TMC aims to prepare students for these tests, without placing unneeded pressure on the them to ‘perform’ for the school.  I wish our students all the best for next week, and I hope they enjoy the complimentary muffins before their tests!


2017 TMC Open Day

Our annual Open Day is on Saturday, 6 May.  The Open Day is a chance for our College community, and the community at large, to visit the College to find out the great things that happen here.  Please come along and visit the classrooms that will be open for all.  If you have friends or family who have never been to TMC, please bring them along as our guests for the morning.

Our wonderful P & F will be running a complimentary tea and coffee stall on the Open Day.  Tim Guymer (President) and Shannon Jamieson (Vice-President) would love to hear from any parents who are able to contribute some baked goodies for the stall.  Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.  Please email [email protected] to register your interest in helping out.

Lunch Clubs for Term 2

Monday – Computer Club with Mrs Noel

Tuesday – Primary Choir (Year 1 – Year 6) with Mrs Addison

Wednesday – Colouring Club with Miss Hattenfels

Wednesday – Scarecrow Building Club with Miss Criss

Friday – Running Club with Mr Hyde

“TMC Primary’s Got Talent” – auditions start Week 3.  Finals held in Week 10.

ICAS tests are a national, standardised group of tests devised by the University of New South Wales.  These tests are voluntary – each test requires a minimum number of entries from the student-body to make it viable to run.  All children who complete the ICAS tests are issued with a certificate after the test papers have been assessed.

I would like to hear from parents (Years 3-6) who are interested in having their child/ren sit the following tests (after each subject is the closing date for entries in brackets, followed by the sitting date, and the associated cost of the test):

  • Science (2 May) – 30 May $9.90 Minimum numbers were not met for this test to take place.
  • Writing (15 May) – 12 June $19.80 (if min. numbers are met)
  • English (23 June) – 1 August $9.90 (if min. numbers are met)
  • Mathematics (23 June) – 15 August $9.90 (if min. numbers are met)

** Please email me on [email protected] if you are interested in having your child/ren sit the test/s.  Let me know your child’s name, their year level and which test/s they will be sitting. **


Important Dates (changes and additions are written in blue)

  • May 6, Saturday – TMC Open Day 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • May 9, 10, 11 – NAPLAN Testing – Years 3, 5, 7 and 9
  • May 12, Friday – Mother’s Day Stall
  • May 17, Wednesday – District Cross Country
  • May 18, Thursday – Year 3 Witches Chase Cheese Factory Excursion
  • May 23, Tuesday – Animal Welfare League QLD Free Dress Day (dog/cat food donation)
  • May 24, Wednesday – SRC meeting
  • May 24, Wednesday – Year 5 Planetarium Excursion
  • June 12, Monday – Borobi (GC Commonwealth Games mascot) visit to Primary assembly
  • June 14, Wednesday – SRC meeting
  • June 15, Thursday – Year 3 excursion to 4Real Dairy Farm
  • June 16, Friday – Under 8’s Day
  • June 20, Tuesday – Primary Athletics Carnival, Jimboomba Little Athletics Centre
  • June 21, Wednesday – TMC Primary’s Got Talent FINAL @ the Stage Area
  • June 21, Wednesday – End of Semester Disco!
  • June 21, Wednesday – Last Day of Term 2 for students
  • June 22 & 23 – Student Free days
  • July 17, July – First day Term 3, 2017


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