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Good morning parents and guardians,

Last term, TMC was visited by Brett Lee, founder and presenter from Internet Safe Education. Brett writes a regular blog on the safe use of the Internet for families, and with his background as a detective investigating and arresting online predators, he has created a wealth of information available for you to access for free. As parents, we can all use his advice and tips to keep our children happy and safe when exploring the Internet.

A couple of online games have drawn some media interest recently – Roblox and Fortnite. Click on these links to take you to Brett’s analysis of these games. Roblox has unfortunately been linked to online predators as it is an ‘open world’ where players can easily interact with complete strangers. Fortnite (rated ‘M’) has very addictive qualities that encourages gamers to play for hours on end, leading to sleep problems, lack of focus at school and behavioural problems. Fortnight is also ‘open world’, and if players use a headset they are immediately exposed to the crudest of language and possible predatory behaviour. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in and these dangers cannot be ignored.

He also offers a free ‘Gaming Handbook‘ for families. With children normally a few steps ahead of adults, it is vitally important that parents remain informed and active in the supervision of computers and mobile devices. Please take some time this weekend to explore Brett’s website to arm yourself with some reliable advice.

Kind regards,

Mark Stevens

Head of Primary

Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day – Wednesday, August 15

All grandparents are invited to our first Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day on Wednesday, August 15. Your child may invite a ‘special friend’ (i.e. aunty, uncle, family friend) if their grandparent is unable to attend. As space may be limited, I would ask only grandparents or special friends attend this event, thank you.

Please share the timetable of events below with the guest attending:

  • 9:45 am – Our visitors arrive at the stage hall
  • 9:55 am – Student performances on stage. The classes have prepared some ‘classic’ songs for the grandparents to listen to
  • 10:30 am – Show ends and our visitors go back to class with their grandchild
  • 10:30 am – 11:00 am – Grandparents spend some time in class, looking at student work and talking to the children about ‘the good ol’ days!’
  • 11:00 am – Shared morning tea with their grandparent
  • 11:20 am – end

Your child is to bring in a plate of food to share with their grandparent so they can host a morning tea with them. Families with multiple children can all go to the same area for morning tea so they may sit together. Our first Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day promises to be a great morning!

Primary Disco – End of Term 2

I would like to thank the P&F helpers who came to assist in the end of semester disco last month. We raised over $400 for the P&F and everyone had a great time dancing in their PJ’s! I would also like to thank Shane, our local butcher from Tamborine Mountain Butchery on Main Street. Shane donated 200 sausages for our disco, meaning that all ticket sales could go towards the College! Please say a ‘thank you’ to Shane and his crew next time you are there.

Primary Athletics Day

Our Primary Athletics Day is currently being held with the winning house and age champions being announced at next week’s assembly.

TMC Primary’s Got Talent

At the end of last term, we were treated to 13 performances in our annual talent show. Every performance was highly entertaining and it must have been difficult for the judges to separate the winners.

3rd Place – Adelaide MacAllan (Yr 5) & Isabelle Shipley (Yr 5) – dancers.

2nd Place – Lia Erasmus (Yr 4) – ventriloquist!

1st Place – Maelle Raillard (Yr 1) – Taekwondo. Maelle’s Taekwondo Masters, Glory and Leon, were on hand to assist in a POWERFUL and precise martial arts demonstration! Maelle is competing in her first competition this weekend – we wish her all the best!!

Opening of the Admin Building

Parents are invited to the opening of our new administration building on Friday, September 7, at 2pm. Half of the College car park will be closed to allow for student seating at the front of the building. If you are attending, please park in the paddock next door. The Spring Fair mentioned previously will no longer go ahead due to logistical considerations at this time.

Weekly Awards

Fynn Lesslie (Yr 3) – Student Star badge for qualifying for a national snowboarding competition

Primary debating team – Student Star badges for winning the Gold Coast competition

Level 3

Arrows of Tomorrow

Level 7

Level 9

Captains’ Award – Bella Pidd (Yr 2), ‘For being a cooperative member of her class.’

P&F Meeting

We now hold our P&F meetings on Monday mornings in the stage area, straight after the conclusion of the Primary assembly. Our next meeting will be held on Monday, August 20 at 9.45am. I hope to see you there.

Important Dates (changes and additions are written in bold):

27 July, Friday – Primary Athletics Day

1 August, Wednesday – Year 4 Jacobs Well Education Centre Excursion 

6 & 7 August, Monday & Tuesday – District Athletics (10 -19 years old)

8 August, Wednesday – Primary Choir competition (please return permission slips)

13 August, Monday – SRRC Show Holiday

15 August, Wednesday – Grandparents & Special Friends’ Day

17 August, Friday – Year 1 Currumbin excursion

17 August, Friday – Prep Open Morning (9.30 am – 11 am)

20 August, Monday – P & F Meeting @ 9:45 am (after Primary assembly)

20 – 24 August, Monday to Friday – Book Week:

  • Book fair all week
  • Dress up day on Tuesday – favourite book character

20 August, Monday – Junior band eisteddfod

22 – 24 August, Wednesday to Friday – Year 5 Camp

30 August, Thursday – College photo day

31 August, Friday – Gold Coast Show Holiday

6 September, Thursday Year 2 Parklake Excursion

7 September, Friday – Admin building opening

10 – 14 September – Electrical Safety Week

13 & 14 September, Thursday and Friday – Year 4 Camp

20 September, Thursday:

  • Last day Term 3
  • Year 2 & 3 Sleepover at TMC

21 September, Friday – Student Free Day


Values Lessons in 2018

The value for next week is ‘Cleanliness’. The value is discussed on assembly every Monday morning and students participate in a values lesson immediately after the assembly is finished.

TMC Early Learning Centre – Expressions of Interest for Pre-Prep

Fulton Trotter Architects’ concept image – front of the ELC

We are now accepting Expressions of Interest for 2019 Pre-Prep enrollments. Classes will be made up of children turning four by June 30 in the nominated year of enrollment.  Please email Vanessa Simpson at [email protected] if you would like your child added to the list.  We currently have growing lists for 2019, 2020 and 2021, so please let us know if you are interested in one of these years, or beyond! Include your child’s name and date of birth, with a subject heading – Expressions of Interest for Pre-Prep.

The ELC will have two main rooms, an office, restrooms, laundry facilities, storage rooms and kitchen spaces. The rear of the building will have two areas – with an equipped playground on one side (not represented in this image) and a large open space on the other.


TMC Learning Club @ the Hub (next to the basketball court)

The TMC Learning Club provides a safe and supportive out-of-school learning environment where Primary students can participate in activities that develop their social and academic skills. Through regular attendance at our Learning Club, students will be able to enhance their learning and development skills. Students’ involvement with the Learning Club, enables them to access our Teacher Aides who have the appropriate skills and knowledge to support Club activities.
TMC Learning Club opens on the first day of  Term 1, 2018 – Monday, January 22.
Club Opening Hours:
  • School Days – Morning 6.30 am to 8.40 am; Afternoon 2.50 pm to 6.00 pm
  • Student Free Days – 6.30 am to 6.00 pm

Club Prices

  • Morning $7.00 per session
  • Afternoon $9.00 per session
  • Student Free (whole day) $27.00 per day

** Child Care Benefits and/or Child Care Rebates are NOT available, but our rates have been priced at a low amount **

Registration forms and Booking forms are available on the TMC website.
Tim & Karen Guymer are the Club supervisors.