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Good afternoon parents,

It was wonderful to see so many of our Primary students get into the spirit of our Animal Welfare League of Queensland (AWLQ) Dress Up Day on Tuesday.  Have a look at some photos from the day below this message.  Every child who dressed up donated animal food and other accessories to the AWLQ to show our support for this non-government funded organisation that provides such a key service to our community.

On Friday, I traveled with our Year 6 Captains, Jasmyn Holmes and Noah Farah, to the AWLQ headquarters on the Gold Coast to present them with our donations.  It was an immensely proud moment for the three of us to represent the College community and to pass along your generous donations.

Information about the AWLQ:

AWLQ was established in 1959 on the Gold Coast and now operates four rehoming centres in South East Queensland caring for up to 17,500 stray and surrendered companion animals each year. AWLQ has one of the highest rehoming rates in Australia and promises to never euthanize a social, healthy or treatable companion animal. There is no time limit placed on any animals in care – the AWLQ looks after them for as long as it takes to find them a new home. As well as having two community vet clinics, the AWLQ offers a range of programs to assist the community and their animals.
As a not-for-profit, non-government funded organisation, the AWLQ relies heavily on the community for donations to continue their lifesaving work. Anyone can support the AWLQ by visiting their website www.awlqld.com.au to find out how to get involved.

Kind regards,

Mark Stevens

Head of Primary

Our Donation Visit to AWLQ

I wonder who is going to be lucky enough to adopt this cutie??

Not just cats and dogs!


Animal Welfare League Free Dress Day – Photos


A – E Reporting – How do you read it?

Semester 1 report cards are currently being drafted by teachers in the Primary school.  Please note the following:

  • Semester 1 report cards give academic results for all subjects covered in Term 1 and Term 2.
  • Some subjects will only be covered at certain times of the year.  If you notice that ‘Science’ is missing, it just means that it will be covered in Semester 2.
  • Students who have enrolled recently may not receive a graded level in a particular subject because the teacher was unable to accurately assess the student’s understanding in the short timeframe.  In this case, the Semester 2 report will be a better indicator of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students are continually assessed formatively and summatively during units of work.  No grading on the report card is due to a ‘one-off test’ result, but, rather, an examination of a student’s understanding throughout the process.

How to read A-E reports:

  • A indicates that a student has demonstrated excellent achievement of what is expected.  They can apply and analyse the concept in extended ways.
  • B indicates that a student has demonstrated high achievement of what is expected.  They can apply the concept in other areas of learning.
  • C indicates that a student has demonstrated satisfactory achievement of what is expected.  They have achieved the level of understanding that the Australian Curriculum demands.
  • D indicates that a student has demonstrated partial achievement of what is expected.  They have a basic understanding of the concept but are more than likely unable to apply their knowledge without scaffolding from the teacher.
  • E indicates that a student has demonstrated limited achievement of what is expected. They have an emerging understanding of the concept and are unable to apply their knowledge without step-by-step scaffolding from the teacher.

It is important to remember that ‘C’ is not thought of in the same way as it was when we, as adults, when to school.  ‘C’ is the standard for all students in Australia – it should not be seen as a ‘fail’.

Please read through the report with your child when it is sent out.  It is important that your child experiences a sense of ownership of their results.  After reading through the report, it will be time to set some goals for Semester 2 with them and organise a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss these goals if need be.


Subway Day – Wednesday, 7 June

TMC is holding a ‘Subway Day’ next Wednesday to raise funds for our Secondary school Kokoda Challenge team.  Orders are to be placed by Friday this week with your child’s teacher.  Please refer to the order sheet that your child will be bringing home with them.  Place your child’s order and money in a sealed envelope or zip lock bag (clearly named) to be handed to their teacher.  Next Wednesday, Darcy Taylor from Upper Coomera Subway will wake well before dawn to bake the bread fresh for our big day.  All sandwiches and wraps are made fresh and dietary needs can be met by indicating them on the order form.

Thanks for your support of our Kokoda team and enjoy the sandwiches!


Year 4 Class Concert

On Friday, May 19, the first Year 4 Class Concert was held. As part of the Year 4 Curricular Band Program, all students in Year 4 have been hard at work learning to play a band instrument. This concert was their first opportunity to perform for each other, their teachers and parents. Students performed a variety of duets and trios in small groups, from the beginner standard Hot Cross Buns on various instruments, to the very mysterious Mystery trio on clarinets, the rockin’ Rock Wizard on saxophones, basses and drum kit.
Well done to all students involved! You did yourselves proud to put on a concert after less than a term and a half. Thank you to the many parents who came to show your support and for encouraging your children to practise at home.  A big thank you to Mrs Noel and Mrs Hattenfels for your continued support of the program.


A Message from the Parents & Friends Association

Hello from the P&F,

As our school grows, we are welcoming more and more new families to TMC. Parent or carers are automatically members of the TMC P&F Association and we invite you to be involved. It’s a great way to strengthen our community and be informed about the matters that effect our wonderful school.

P & F meetings are held once a month and advertised through the Primary News. This is your opportunity to keep up to date with special events, fundraising initiatives, and school services. Meetings are a collaborative forum where you are encouraged to have your say and contribute solution based ideas.

Another way to be involved is to volunteer. Parent support is tremendously valued and we are always looking for helpers to contribute in the Snack Shop, Uniform Shop, discos, sports days, open days…and more! Whatever your contribution, it will be very much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you at the next P & F meeting. If want to volunteer, add an item to our next agenda, or just say hello, please email us at [email protected]

Tim Guymer – President
Shannon Jamieson – Vice President

For more information about our operating framework please read the P & F Constitution document on the TMC website.


Value for Next Week – Creativity

The Value of the Week will be noted here for the following week.  The value is discussed on assembly each Monday morning and students participate in a values lesson the following Friday.  From Term 3, the first bell will ring at 8:30 am for this value lesson to be held each Friday.  Please ensure that you note this in your diaries so you child is dropped off at school BEFORE 8:30 am.


Lunch Clubs for Term 2

Monday – Computer Club with Mrs Noel

Tuesday – Primary Choir (Year 1 – Year 6) with Mrs Addison

Wednesday – Colouring Club with Miss Hattenfels

Wednesday – Scarecrow Building Club with Miss Criss

Friday – Running Club with Mr Hyde

“TMC Primary’s Got Talent” – auditions start Week 3.  Finals held in Week 10.

ICAS tests are a national, standardised group of tests devised by the University of New South Wales.  These tests are voluntary – each test requires a minimum number of entries from the student-body to make it viable to run.  All children who complete the ICAS tests are issued with a certificate after the test papers have been assessed.

I would like to hear from parents (Years 3-6) who are interested in having their child/ren sit the following tests (after each subject is the closing date for entries in brackets, followed by the sitting date, and the associated cost of the test):

  • English (23 June) – 1 August $9.90 (this test is taking place as minimum numbers have already been met.  It is not too late for your child to have their name written down for this test)
  • Mathematics (23 June) – 15 August $9.90 (this test is taking place as minimum numbers have already been met.  It is not too late for your child to have their name written down for this test)

** Please email me on [email protected] if you are interested in having your child/ren sit the test/s.  Let me know your child’s name, their year level and which test/s they will be sitting. **


Music Awards

08 May Music Awards

15 May Music Awards

29 May Music Awards

Level 3 Awards

May 8 Level 3 Awards

15 May Level 3 Awards

22 May Level 3 Awards

29 May Level 3 Awards


Arrows of Tomorrow Awards

22 May Arrows of Tomorrow Award

29 May Arrows of Tomorrow Award


Captains’ Awards

15 May Captains’ Award

29 May Captains’ Award


Important Dates (changes and additions are written in blue)

  • June 5, Monday – Book Club Due
  • June 7, Wednesday – Subway Day (a fundraiser for Kokoda Challenge team)
  • June 8, Thursday – Years 3 – 6 JHIA Sports Day @ the Tamborine Mountain Sports Centre
  • June 12, Monday – Borobi (GC Commonwealth Games mascot) visit to Primary assembly
  • June 12, Monday – ICAS Writing Test is being held for nominated students
  • June 14, Wednesday – SRC meeting
  • June 15, Thursday – Year 3 excursion to 4Real Dairy Farm
  • June 16, Friday – Under 8’s Day
  • June 20, Tuesday – Primary Athletics Carnival, Jimboomba Little Athletics Centre
  • June 21, Wednesday – TMC Primary’s Got Talent FINAL @ the Stage Area
  • June 21, Wednesday – End of Semester Disco!
  • June 21, Wednesday – Last Day of Term 2 for students
  • June 22 & 23 – Student Free days
  • July 17, Monday – First day Term 3, 2017
  • August 7 & 8, Monday and Tuesday – District Track and Field @ Somerset College
  • August 7 – 9, Monday to Wednesday – Year 4 and Year 5 Camp @ the Gold Coast Recreation Centre