Good afternoon parents and guardians,

It is my pleasure to formally announce that Mr Noel, Year 6 teacher, has been elevated to a new position, Leading Teacher – Primary.  His new position comes with some added responsibilities – the most important of these is to act as a mentor for his fellow colleagues.  Mr Noel’s teaching career is a perfect fit for this role as he will be able to draw upon his years of experience to give valuable feedback to the teachers in the Primary school. Please congratulate Mr Noel next time you see him.

Kind regards,

Mark Stevens

Head of Primary

** Important Message from our Business Manager, Marion Baxter **

Next Wednesday 14th February, there will be a concrete pour for the new Admin building.  The pour will begin at about 9:00 am, and is due for completion at about 2.00 pm.  The main car park will be closed before 9:00 am, possibly as early as 8:40 am.  Visitors and parents are able to park in the paddock area next to the College.  Please be mindful of people walking through this area and other cars entering and exiting the paddock as it is single lane.

Internet Cybersafety Talks
On Monday, May 28, all students from Prep – Year 12 will be involved in a series of cybersafety workshops presented by Internet Safe Education.  These age-appropriate workshops are being held at school to educate our students about successful strategies to keep them safe on the Internet and manage their ‘cyber footprint’.  The students will be broken into the following groups:
  1. Prep – Year 2
  2. Year 3 – Year 6
  3. Year 7 – Year 9
  4. Year 10 – Year 12

Excitingly, there will also be a session designed for parents held in the evening on the same date!  This session will provide invaluable information about how you can assist in keeping your children safe on the ‘net’.  Please mark this evening on your calendar at home.

Please follow this link to learn more about our presenter, Brett Lee

“…former detective Brett Lee worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of which as a detective in the field of Child Exploitation. Brett has been personally involved with the interview, location, arrest and prosecution of hundreds of online criminals and predators. Nobody else in Australia can offer programs with this level of credibility or insight whereby the learning outcomes can not be denied.”

Fires on Top of Mountains Project (FOTOM) by the Scenic Rim Regional Council

FOTOM approached local schools and groups to become involved in a special series of performances, led by an festival committee with experience in developing events such as the Woodford Folk Festival!

All students from Year 6 will be involved in two lead-in workshops with local artists and indigenous elders to create the ‘FLOCK’. The FLOCK is made up of scores of internally-lit bird puppets that the children will help design and create. During the FOTOM festival, Year 6 students will perform with these puppets, creating a spectacular piece of visual performance art.

The FOTOM festival will be held on the afternoon/evening of Easter Sunday, April 1, after the Queen’s Baton Relay at Geissmann Oval / Vonda Youngman Community Centre.

All families from the TMC community will be invited to come along to the FOTOM celebration.  More information will be released closer to the date.

Parents Outside of Classrooms and Impromptu Meetings with Teachers
It is fantastic to work in a school that has a large parent body who are able to often come to their child’s classroom.  Please be mindful that children will naturally ‘switch off’ from the lesson when they see mum or dad outside the window, so please wait to the side of buildings until the final bell has rung.
Another thing that TMC prides itself on is our communication with families and we do strive to make time to catch up with parents.  Teachers are able to meet before (8:00 am – 8:40 am) or after school (3:00 pm – 3:30 pm) to meet on most days of the week – please contact your teacher to schedule a meeting if needed.  You are also welcome to drop by the classroom for a quick chat, but please be aware that your child’s teacher may be getting ready for a busy day in the classroom and as soon as the 8:40 am bell rings, the teacher needs to have their full attention on their class.  Thank you.

Our new menu in the Snackshop is proving to be a big success!  Please ensure that orders for the following day are completed by 6 pm the night before as a large amount of the menu is made up fresh.  Save this link to your computer for easy access

GC2018 Promotion

Before they take to the track at GC2018, Australia’s best and brightest athletics stars have one last hurdle to overcome – the 2018 Australian Athletics Championships and Nomination Trials.  Watch Sally Pearson, Kurt Fearnley, Dani Stevens, Kurtis Marschall and more vie for a place at GC2018 in the first ever athletics event to be held at Carrara Stadium.  It’s the final opportunity for athletes to earn nomination for the Australian team and the competition will be fast and fierce from 15-18 February.  Tickets are on sale now and start from $15 for children and $20 for adults. Children under 12 are free!

Click here for more information and tickets.

Happy weekend to all,

Pippa Jeffries
Project Officer Engagement
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC)
P: +61 7 5618 2249 M: +61 434 603 708 E: [email protected]
Further contact information

TMC Learning Club @ the Hub (next to the basketball court)

The TMC Learning Club provides a safe and supportive out-of-school learning environment where Primary students can participate in activities that develop their social and academic skills. Through regular attendance at our Learning Club, students will be able to enhance their learning and development skills. Students’ involvement with the Learning Club, enables them to access our Teacher Aides who have the appropriate skills and knowledge to support Club activities.
TMC Learning Club opens on the first day of  Term 1, 2018 – Monday, January 22.
Club Opening Hours:
  • School Days – Morning 6.30 am to 8.40 am; Afternoon 2.50 pm to 6.00 pm
  • Student Free Days – 6.30 am to 6.00 pm

Club Prices

  • Morning $7.00 per session
  • Afternoon $9.00 per session
  • Student Free (whole day) $27.00 per day

** Child Care Benefits and/or Child Care Rebates are NOT available, but our rates have been priced at a low amount **

Registration forms and Booking forms are available on the TMC website.
Tim & Karen Guymer are the Club supervisors.

Values Lessons in 2018

The value for Week 2, 2018 is ‘Kindness’!!

The value is discussed on assembly every Monday morning and students participate in a values lesson immediately after the assembly is finished.  In 2017, we ran our values lesson at 8:30 am on Fridays – this is no longer the case.  By focusing on the value immediately after assembly, we can plan activities that encourage the children to demonstrate the value throughout the rest of the week.

Important Dates (changes and additions are written in bold):

12 February, Monday – District Swimming Carnival

19 February, Monday – Years 3-6 Aboriginal Art Workshops

28 February, Wednesday – P&F Meeting 2 pm – 3 pm

9 March, Friday – Primary Science Day

12 March, Monday – Year 2 Thunderbird Park Excursion

13 March, Tuesday – Year 3 Dreamtime Incursion

27 March, Tuesday – Year 3 Paradise Country Excursion

28 March, Wednesday – P&F Meeting 6 pm – 7:30 pm

28 March, Wednesday – Last Day of Term 1 & Primary Swimming Carnival

29 March, Thursday – Student Free Day

30 March, Friday – Good Friday

1 April, Easter Sunday – Fires on Top of Mountains Festival


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