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Our inaugural Primary Music Concert was held on Friday November 10. The students did a fantastic job! It was wonderful to see every primary student participate as both a performer and a supportive member of the audience.

The Year 4 Band began the concert with Hard Rock Blues, London Bridge (a tribute to the John Muntz Bridge on the Gold Coast collapsing in March) and Power Rock – with the audience joining in for We Will Rock You! As the stage was reset a short film of the Year 4 students’ experiences in the Year 4 Band was shown (the film is attached to this article). They were the first cohort to participate in the compulsory band program and it was wonderful to hear about their positive experiences! Top students from the program surprised the audience with their advanced technical ability as they performed a variety of duets – well done Lucas Farah-Hills, Mia Bradley and Samara Ceylan!

The Junior Band ascended the Stage, wowing the audience with the triumphant Celestial Fanfare, followed by the beautiful, tribal Mayan Dawn – the hardest piece the Junior Band has ever played, and they aced it! (As their conductor I had to try very hard not to jump into the air and shout for joy!) The audience were invited to sing along with our vocalist, Ruby Jones, for our final piece, Lean on Me.

The Prep and Year 1 students took over, exuding cuteness with their “jumping” song. Year 2 and 3 collaborated for the Torres Strait Islander song Taba Naba, singing in the Meriam Mir language while sitting and performing set actions. The primary choir delighted us with their emotional performance of I Am the Earth, and the always optimistic Tomorrow from the musical, Annie.

The Year 5 classes delighted us by singing and performing several songs on the ukulele, including Waltzing Matilda, Oh Susanna and If You’re Happy – with the primary audience more than happy to join in with the actions, and especially the “yee-hah!” The Year 6 class challenged themselves to learn The Lava Song from the Pixar short film, Lava, and were the perfect end to our concert.

Well done to all our students on a wonderful concert – Mrs Felicity Addison and I were so proud of you! Thank you so much to all the parents who came to show their support.

Kristy Johnston, Teacher