seaworld excursionTamborine Mountain College recognises that learning is not restricted to the classroom.  Fun, stimulating and educational learning experiences can be found in a diversity of environments.

The Senior Leadership camp has an educational and personal development focus and is a compulsory component of the school year. The venues vary between a bush and sea setting. Schoolwork related activities, which cannot be carried out in the classroom, are integrated into the camp.  Activities such as canoeing, high and low ropes, hiking, surfing and many more develop skills such as self esteem, leadership and teamwork.

During the school year students partake in excursions to fulfil field and research requirements for different subjects. SeaWorld allows Biology students to study animal behaviour; Dreamworld offers challenges for Maths C and Physics students. South Stradbroke Island, QPAC, GoMA and many more provide an integral extension to the classroom experience.