You will have noticed that the College has changed the way in which the newsletter is delivered.

The days of linear newsletters i e news read from top to bottom, have passed.    Our consumers are given the ability to read information that is relevant to them is a far more effective approach to messaging.  With the addition of the primary campus, this is more pertinent now that it has ever been.  To keep pace with the changing dynamics of the College, we needed to change the way our messaging was delivered to improve its effectiveness, reach and inclusiveness.

The college is now using Mailchimp to power the College newsletter.  You can subscribe to our newsletter here.

According to their 2014 annual report, Mailchimp sent 100.5 Billion emails in 2014.  Its a staggering number of emails.  They are considered one of the worlds leading email broadcasters.

The newsletter that you receive each Friday at 4pm is an automated email sent by Mailchimp….. not by traditional college email programs.  This automation adds a new level of convenience for both parents and college staff.

The newsletter is a collection of new articles that we post to the college site during the week.

Because of the volume of email the Mailchimp sends, its inevitable that some of it will get caught in email spam filters.  In these cases, its a matter of finding the newsletter email in your junk/spam folder and then adding the newsletter email to your safe senders list.

Before mailchimp sends anything it is always scanned for spam, viruses, malware and any kind of known threats.  Their business reputation is in part built on sending email from authenticated users.  Mailchimp use a number of techniques to ensure their emails are free from threats.

There are a number of email clients/programs used these days such as MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc… to collect and manage email.  Each have their own methods of spam detection and each have configurable ways to tighten email security.  It’s a necessary evil to protect ourselves against the never ending wave of spam that hits our in boxes. Inevitably there will be some false positives ie good email that is marked as bad email.  Email clients/programs are very good at spam detection but not all of them are perfect.

The alternative to receiving an email each week is to take a news feed from the College website and add it to your favourite feed reader.  Searching the Google play store or the iTunes store will yield a number of free and very good news feed readers.  Each time a new article is added to our site, your feed reader will pick it up straight away and notify you.  You won’t need to wait for the email each week.

If you want to change over to a news feed simply add the TMC feed to your device and unsubscribe from the newsletter using the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the newsletter email.  Choose which ever method works best for you.  You can always subscribe to the newsletter again here.

There has been a lot happening across the College and we hope that the new website and email updates have given you a positive insight to the tremendous work by teachers, staff and students.

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