On Sunday 14th August, TMC students competed in the annual MLTAQ speaking competition at Griffith University. Representatives from the school included Alexandra Stubbs (Yr. 9), Sharene Chia (Yr.8), Cleah Sullivan and Isabel Dunbar (Yr. 7), Patrick Boulton, Reuben Wright and Jesse Lalor (Yr. 6), Ursula Casey-Neil and Aleesha Payne (Yr. 5).

The diligence displayed by our students in preparation for the competition is to be commended. Two students received recognition of their merit on the day. Sharene Chia in yr. 8 was awarded Highly Commended and Cleah Sullivan in yr. 7 received First Place.

A huge Thank you to Madame Farah for coming in every Friday to help prepare the students for the competition! I would also like to extend my gratitude to all parents for supporting their children in this event and for giving up their Sunday to bring them to the venue.

Sally Forsythe, Teacher

2016 French

2016 French

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