On Thursday the 28th of July our Secondary held a free-dress fundraiser for Year 11 student Daisy Drake’s humanitarian expedition to Kenya, Africa. Students showed their support by wearing the colours of the Kenyan flag: red, black and green. Later this year Daisy will be travelling to Raifiki Mwema, an all-girls home in Nakuru, Kenya, which has one of the world’s highest rates of population growth. The population has tripled in the past 35 years, therefore placing pressure on the country’s resources and leaving young people extremely vulnerable to poverty. Women are more vulnerable, due to the unequal social status and access to economic assets. Daisy will also be providing food and building homes for the homeless.

We managed to raise over $430, including a very generous donation of $100 from our student-run Leo Club. The SRC would like to thank our families and community for their support, and we wish Daisy the very best for her trip.

Ms Emily Newton, SRC Co-ordinator & Teacher

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