Instrument Trial days were held on Thursday and Friday this week.  Any interested students in Years 3-6 were invited to come to the Music Room in small groups to try any of the band instruments they were interested in: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion and electric bass. The response this year was overwhelming – many students expressed an interest in learning an instrument! Students interested in brass or woodwind instruments were invited to try making a sound on the mouthpieces, then if successful given the whole instrument to try to make a sound and see how it feels to hold.  Students interested in percussion tried playing the snare drum and drum kit, and those interested in the electric bass held it and tried strumming the strings.  Students had lots of fun!

Secondary students interested in learning an instrument or rejoining the program were also invited to come to the Music Room.  Great response from Year 7!

Letters of offer are currently being distributed.  Students are offered a place in the program, or a place on the Reserve List. Joining the program is completely voluntary. Offers are based on:

  • how students went while trialing the different instruments
  • year level (Years 4-6 are considered first as this is the best age to start learning an instrument as students tend not to want to try a new instrument once they reach high school; students in younger year levels have more opportunities in subsequent years to try for an instrument)
  • number of instruments the school has available to hire to students
  • ensemble balance (15 drummers and 3 flute players don’t make a band!)
  • students’ level of interest in learning an instrument.

If you would like any more information on the Instrumental Music Program, please contact our Instrumental Music Teacher, Mrs Kristy Johnston. She will also be in the Music Room for the “Meet the Teacher” evening on Thursday February 4 until 6:30pm.

Mrs Kristy Johnston, Instrumental Music Teacher

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