Term 1 Week 4

CYCLONE – The cyclone has postponed the 20 Year Anniversary Fair – we are actually thinking of holding off and opening the Primary building at the same event. We will keep you posted on the new date. The weather has also caused the closure of the College today – no students, no teachers – safety being our first priority in these severe weather conditions.

Of course the weather is affecting the progress of the primary site too but it is worth noting that having primary and secondary students sharing this same campus has been a very positive experience. Many parents have praised our students’ behaviour and kindness. On Friday I had the delight to see a senior student lend a blazer to a little one to keep her dry and warm – the blazer was down to the ground and the older child held the small child’s hand to help  her into the bus – I wish I had my camera handy!

MUSIC – We held our Introduction to Music night this week and the response from students and families was very pleasing. Mr Val Jones does instrumental tuition on Thursdays for secondary students and Fridays for Primary students. This service is inclusive of fees but instrument hire or purchase is at parent expense.

HINTERLAND DISTRICT SWIMMING – On Monday those students selected to represent the College will travel down to TSS. Mr Byrnes as organised the event – any enquiries to [email protected]

YR 7 & YR 8 CAMP – this is held at Lake Ainsworth on 2nd and 3rd March. Mr Byrnes is organising this event – [email protected]

COLLEGE PHOTOS – the entire college will have class and individual photos taken on Thursday 5th March. Please ensure that your child is here in perfect uniform.

ANZAC DAY – The College marches in the community on ANZAC Day. Although this is on Saturday 25th April and is deemed a public holiday it is our expectation that all students march. Please advise me via email if you have other commitments on this day – [email protected] This year is very important to commemorate the 100 year anniversary. Our College will also hold a special assembly on Thursday 23rd at 11.30am in which every student will receive a commemorative bronze coin.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Stay inside and stay dry!

June Melbourne


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