Term 2 Week 6.

Another week gone and closer to the move across to the Primary Campus. The Under 8s Day on Friday 12th June is looking to be a double celebration – we plan to be in by then!

Year 2 had a fabulous morning displaying “The Chocolate Factory” – some very creative and fabulous work by our Yr 2 students.

We say goodbye to Mrs Siegel, Yr 1 Teacher, and wish her all the best for her new life in America. We welcome her replacement, Ms Jodi Byron, starting on Monday.


Assignments are the individual work of students unless stipulated as “group work”. Parents certainly can assist by answering questions, but please be mindful that it must be the child’s work and effort. In addition students should not be sharing work.

Secondary Campus:

 A Basketball Court is being constructed during the holidays, ready for use next term. It will be welcomed by our secondary students who have been so patient in sharing some of their playground during the year.

Primary Campus: 

The new Primary driveway has been constructed and the footpath is open for access – a clear visible sign that we are getting close to completion!.

Primary Learning Centre (PLC) is due for completion early June – we will move Primary classes across straight away. The new primary playground is ready for installation but of course we are dictated to by the current civil works going on – it will be installed when the project manager gives the green light. I believe that it will coincide with the completion of the project’s earthworks and our move across into the Primary Campus. TMC Board has approved next stage of development for Primary being Prep and Yr 1 buildings which are positioned in front of the existing building and adds another 4 classrooms to that campus – due for completion semester 2 2016.

20Yr Anniversary Celebration is Saturday 25th July which will also include the official opening of the Primary.

Yr 10 Work Experience is currently under review to maximise benefits for our students – it will still be in the last week of Term 3 but will undergo some changes. The Work Studies teachers are initiating career research and student preparation for this week – some will go out to seek school-based traineeships and apprenticeships, others will focus on university opportunities during that week and others will look at experiencing the work force environment. Students will be actively involved in seeking out placements for this week – building skills and taking ownership and responsibility.  For information regarding work experience, please click the following link.

Have a safe and enjoyable week-end.

June Melbourne


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