The office is closed from Monday 14/12/15 and re-opens Monday 11th January 2016.

First day back for students is Wednesday 27th January 2016 – all year levels.

Reception for entire College will now be Main Reception (previously secondary) as the Primary one has become our Learning Support Area. With building works scheduled to begin in February the pathway from the carpark to Primary will not be accessible. From the carpark, access to Primary will be onto secondary campus and via walkover near stage area.

On first day all Primary students to make their way across the walkway to PLC (Primary Learning Centre) and they will be directed to their 2016 classrooms. Yr 5 and Yr 6 go directly to MKLC with Mrs Lesslie and Mr Noel. Preps go directly to the Cubby House.

On first day all Secondary students to stage area for 8.40am and then directed to form rooms.

Please avoid Reception on that first morning, unless absolutely essential..

The bus bay and extension of the carpark will not begin until the mid-year holidays so as to avoid disruption and inconvenience to our families.

The list of Speech Night Awards is on our website and the 2015 DVD is there also for anyone wishing to download it – from anywhere in the world for distant relatives. All older DVDs are also on the website for viewing – it is quite an historical journey with me getting remarkably older each year! The 20 Year Anniversary DVD is also on our website – it really does tell the story of the College and the young boy in the film clip back in 1995 is actually Andy Sawden, who was our guest speaker at Speech Night.

Primary Campus 2016: TMC Board has approved next stage of development for Primary with new buildings positioned in front of the existing building and adds another 4 classrooms to that campus – begins February and due for completion semester 2 2016.

Enjoy the Xmas holidays with your children and family and have a peaceful and safe vacation.

June Melbourne

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