Term 1 Week 5

Lions Youth of the Year:

This week our Yr 12 Leaders – Rhys Johannsen-Weston, Emily-Jane Sarroff, Lacey Wood, Jasmine Mayne and Monty Leng represented the College.  Congratulations to all who received a College Star on assembly. It was Lacey who took out the top award of Lions Youth of the Year and Emily-Jane was awarded Speaker of the Night.

Leader Certificates from Mr Scott Buchholtz (MP) & Letters of Congratulation from Mr Jon Krause (Member for Beaudesert):

On assembly Yr 12 and Yr 6 Leaders received these acknowledgements of their prestigious roles here at the College. We are very proud of them.


Student Representatives were chosen and presented with badges at assembly.

  • Yr 12 Leaders are automatically SRC – Rhys Johannsen-Weston, Emily-Jane Sarroff, Monty Leng, Lacey Wood, Jaz Mayne, Madi McDermott, Max Drake and Tanita De Bruyn.
  • Yr 11 – Lachlan Bartlett, Charlotte Stubbs
  • Yr 10 – Thor Wendell, Lilly Sarroff
  • Yr 9 – Samuel Navarro, Gillian Clarke
  • Yr 8 – Lauchlan Smith, Mia Ryan
  • Yr 7 – Archie Grieg-Lawson, Chelsea Walatara
  • Yr 6 Captains are automatically SRC – Jesse Navarro, Jaya Kirvan
  • Yr 6 – Jack Walmsley, Erin Wooldridge
  • Yr 5 -Lachlan Williams
  • Yr 4 – Mackenzie Dunn
  • Yr 3 – Myles Kelly

Tamborine Mountain Coaches:

If your child/ren travel on either Tamborine Mountain Coach Bus 4 or Bus 6 in the afternoon from TMC I would like to firstly thank you for your patience and understanding and to advise that after consultation with the bus company we will have a better working arrangement as of Monday 9th March.

This information with all afternoon times will be emailled out and on our website but as an indication we envisage:
  • Both Bus 4 and 6 will leave from the College to go straight down the mountain and will be for TMC students exclusively.There will be no Bus 6 run in the afternoon to TMSHS.
  • Bus 4 (this will actually be the bigger bus to cater for larger student need) will do Reserve Rd and those northern stops, including Old Coach Rd etc.
  • Bus 6 will be John’s bus and do Kriedeman Rd and continue for stops at southern drop-offs including Movie World, Pac Pines, Maudsland etc.
  • We are taking the week next week to put all in place and to notify all concerned. I felt that with the Yr 7 and Yr 8 Camp next week it is best to wait until the following Monday for the new arrangement.

YR 7 & YR 8 Camp:

This is held at Lake Ainsworth on 2nd and 3rd March. Mr Byrnes is organising this event – [email protected]

College Photos:

The entire college will have class and individual photos taken on Thursday 5th March. Please ensure that your child is here in perfect uniform.


The College marches in the community on ANZAC Day. Although this is on Saturday 25th April and is deemed a public holiday it is our expectation that all students march. Please advise me via email if you have other commitments on this day – [email protected] This year is very important to commemorate the 100 year anniversary. Our College will also hold a special assembly on Thursday 23rd at 11.30am in which every student will receive a commemorative bronze coin.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

June Melbourne


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