Term 1 Week 5

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Tamborine Mountain Coaches bus numbers and routes:

  • Bus 6 driven by Mark (this will actually be the bigger bus to cater for larger student need) will do Kriedeman Rd, first Coles and then onto Reserve Rd and those northern stops, including Old Coach Rd etc. We prefer Primary and siblings to be on Bus 6 as it is the bigger bus – the northern drop-offs have  more students than the southern drop-offs.
  • Bus 4 driven by John  will do first Coles and continue for stops at southern drop-offs including Movie World, Pac Pines, Maudsland etc.
  • Both buses will do any drop-offs along the main road down the mountain.
  • Both buses are expected to be at first Coles at approximately the same time ie 3.35pm.

YR 7 & YR 8 Camp:

This was held at Lake Ainsworth on 2nd and 3rd March and was a wonderful experience for all


The College marches in the community on ANZAC Day. Although this is on Saturday 25th April and is deemed a public holiday it is our expectation that all students march. Please advise me via email if you have other commitments on this day – [email protected] This year is very important to commemorate the 100 year anniversary. Our College will also hold a special assembly on Thursday 23rd at 11.30am in which every student will receive a commemorative bronze coin.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

June Melbourne


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