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Term 4 Week 7

Speech Night and Primary Awards Morning were wondeful and thank you to the many parents who complimented us on these events. New arrangements will be put in place next year. We are palnning a complete campus event (Prep – Yr 12) at the Arts Centre on the Gold Coast. TMC Awards & Graduating Ceremony will be a daytime happening on Monday 23rd October 2017 – times will be confirmed but at this stage we believe it will start at 10am and conclude by 12.30pm. We will organise buses to take our students down and back. If you are attending your child may go with you and leave with you. We hope that by giving this much notice, it will enable you to put this important event into your schedule for next year. A daytime event will be wonderful – similar to graduation events at universities. We hope to see you there in the Arts Theatre, which is a fabulous venue holding 1,200 people.

Tamborine Mountain College Celebration!  Another big year for TMC.

Prep – 12 and growing bigger and stronger whilst still maintaining that same caring and personalised education. New students and families discovering what TMC has to offer and enrolling at all times throughout this year. Made to feel safe and comfortable from day one and always so glad to have become one of TMC families. In fact Primary will have 2 streamed classes for Yr 3 and Yr 5 next year!

That’s what is all about – the children. The children are our future, our “Arrows of Tomorrow” and everyone at TMC understands and values that. Schools and teachers, just like parents, have a huge influence on young lives. Children should love school and have cherished memories of their teachers and we are confident that this is the case at TMC. The past student Guest Speaker at Speech Night was Mary Mineo, Captain and Dux 2012, who endorsed this same sentiment.

Again this year many examples of Victory & Valour:

  • Yr 12 success educationally is highlighted by our guaranteed entries into university before OPs even come out – 13 offers were made to our students from Griffith, Southern Cross and New England universities.
  • Lions Youth of the Year winner
  • Debating Teams and Public Speakers competed successfully right through to the Finals.
  • French students gained recognition in competition.
  • Sporting achievements have again been many. TMC is part of the Independent Sporting Association for the major carnivals of swimming, cross-country and athletics. Several of students went onto Regional representation.
  • The Arts Night for seniors and juniors displayed a quality of work that would rival any main event or exhibition, anywhere in the world. This year the most outstanding Yr 12 Arts student was honoured as well as quality Drama performances on display.
  • The HIA (Hinterland Independent Alliance) with Hills and Kooralbyn Schools continues to grow. This year TMC won the trophy and Primary have been involved in event days too.
  • Drama Excellence presented “Man the Balloon”. An intelligent, funny and interesting play that was performed outstandingly.
  • Pierre de Coubertin awarded again this year
  • Duke of Edinburgh students faced and overcame many challenges
  • Leo Club and SRC have been busy raising funds and serving the community.
  • Student stars were celebrated on the website for their outside of school activities.
  • Camps and excursions to experience learning outside of the College classrooms.
  • Secondary House Captains directly involved in sport with the Primary.
  • Sports Excellence achieved Certificate III in Fitness for several of students.
  • TMC Bands and instrumental music program developing and entertaining at events.
  • Graduating Yr 6 class – a wonderful dinner planned next week.
  • Graduating Yr 12 class – the Formal on Friday Night at Soul.

2017 Yr 12 Leaders:

  • Captains – Madeline Coker, Kyle Walatara
  • Prefects – Thor Wendell, Koushalya Pereiaslov, Stuart Farmer
  • House Captains – Emily Schonfisch (Nicholls),  Riyani Kettle (Kyle), Dominic Pokai (Walton).

2017 Yr 6 Leaders:

  • Primary Captains – Noah Farah, Jasmyn Holmes
  • House Captains: Walton – Jackson Cacciola, Kyle – Mia Armstrong, Nicholls – Jake Coughlan

Our thanks to College Chairman, Mr Michael Kyle, and Board Members for their time and efforts this year and even more buildings planned for next year and beyond. Also thanks go to P&F and staff for all their hard work and dedication to the College and its students.

Moving Up Morning was a great way to introduce Primary and Yr 6 to 2017 teachers and education. An ice-breaker to ensure a pleasant and stress-free transition!

Last Week of Term – Unfortunately we have to advise that due to the bus bay construction works commencing on the last week of this term (week beginning 21 November), there will be no parent carparking available.

All vehicle entry points off Beacon Rd will be closed and the buses will be required to drop students off further up past the Wedding Centre, at this stage this may be the only parent drop-off, pick-up location during this last week of school, however we are in negotiations for a possible alternate carpark arrangement. Therefore, this last week of school has been made optional for student attendance – we are advising TMC families as early as possible so you may make alternate arrangements if you wish. Please note the College is not officially closed, however any student absences during this week will not be reflected on their report cards.

 The following has been put in place for students:

  • All P-12 assessments will be completed by Thursday 17th November
  • Years 10, 11 & 12 Exam block will be completed by Thursday 17th November and Friday 18th November senior students are not required on campus as per senior privileges during exam block
  • Years 7, 8 & 9 will be attending Form class event at Wet’n’Wild Friday 18th November not Friday 25th November
  • P-11 students will participate in non-academic activities during this week if you require them to attend school
  • Before & After school care will still be available 
  • Year 6 students do not need to attend school on the day of the Graduation dinner

Please return email advising if your child/ren (incl name & year level) will be attending this last week of school.

We apologise for this inconvenience – the students will benefit greatly from the widening of the footpath and newly constructed bus bays in 2017.

Yr 4 Music Program 2017 – Tamborine Mountain College is pleased to announce the Year 4 Curricular Band Program will begin in 2017.  Instead of taking general music classes, all Year 4 students will learn a band instrument. There is no better way to study music than to learn an instrument and play in an ensemble!

Each child will receive free instrument hire and free tuition in small groups.  In Term 3 students will begin Year 4 Band, with rehearsals scheduled during class time. Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to observe more experienced musicians in concert.  The Year 4 Band will perform at the end of year Music Concert at TMC.

Why learn Music?

Learning an instrument helps students to develop perseverance, self-discipline and confidence.  Importantly, research shows that learning to play a musical instrument in childhood is associated with a higher IQ and stronger academic performance (Google search: “APA Music Boost IQ and Grades” for one example).  It provides a creative outlet for emotional expression, and gives students the opportunity to make friends with students in various year levels.  Plus, it’s fun!

See below for a short clip on how learning to play an instrument (as opposed to just listening to music) actually changes your brain:


Don’t forget to check our community bulletins here.

Stage Area is being upgraded and will take some time to complete in October/November. It will be a wonderful improvement! Assemblies will be held elsewhere until finished.

Snack-shop Please be aware that any order must be received before 9.30am. Some parents are emailing or phoning orders very late in the morning and we cannot fulfil these requests. If a child is ever without food and an order has not been received or placed, then we always have emergency supplies available at the office.

Census – For your information, in line with State and Federal guidelines, TMC collects data on students to include in census requirements for all schools.

New Primary building project is well and truly underway for 4 new classrooms. The purpose built Prep classroom is very exciting and as much as we all love the “Cubby House” the Architects have developed a fabulous area for our little ones.

Circle Time is our new pastoral care program for the entire campus. It is an excellent approach to addressing student issues and concerns in a safe and caring environment.

Absences need to be communicated to the office as a priority, to assist parents we have created an Absences notification tool on our website available 24hrs 7 days per week. Please email [email protected] advising of student name, reason, date from – to, or you may use the student absences form here.

Parent/Guardian help – TMC Policy is for visiting parents that are attending to the school for any other means than collecting their student must sign in at the office and wear a Visitor’s pass. Furthermore, Parents are not to use student toilets – this is mandatory for safety reasons. Parents can use the disabled toilets only. There is signage to that effect.

Forms – On the website there is a Forms link for parents to download forms as required. Also online payments are now available on our website for creditcard payments for tuition/excursions/uniforms.

Late students –  arriving after 8.45am – must report to the office to sign-in before proceeding to class. This is extremely important due to the need of accurate attendance records in the advent of an emergency.

Digital Resource Centre (DRC) – Digital Library. Our Digital Resource Centre started operating in Term 4 last year.To access the DRC you will need to use your child’s TMC email address and password. For those unsure of your email address, it should be the initial of your first name, then your last name, with @tmc.qld.edu.au at the end.Please see your child’s teacher if you are unsure about the password. e.g. [email protected] step-by-step guide of how to access the DRC is here, including Apple & Android apps:

Equestrian is headed by two girls in Yr 10 this year. Kate Green and Katherine Glover have volunteered to supply information to our keen Equestrian students to assist them to follow the events through-out the year.

Campus 2017:We are planning another 4 classrooms on the secondary site next to the MKLC for 2017 construction period. This building will be called the Maureen Nicholls Learning Centre (MNLC) and due to open for the start of the school year 2018.

Kind regards

June Melbourne