Term 1 Week 3

Firstly the builders are on the Primary Campus site and next Monday 16th Feb. works commence. We are very pleased and excited.
Some changes are in place to assist our families and students.
For your information:
  • Prep. will move out of the Cubby House to the rooms behind Administration (staffroom) as of Monday 16th Feb to keep them away from the building activity. They will have all the facilities needed to enjoy their class with Mr Fern. We have decided the noise and dust would be too much for our lovely Preppies to endure.
  • Prep playground will also move over to the play area for Primary in front of MKLC.
  • This area behind Admin will be also used for TMC Club.
  • Prep parents will therefore use the carpark, not the Primary parking area.
  • After the TMC 20 Year Fair on Saturday 21st Feb. the whole Primary site will become fenced off. We of course will be using this campus for some of the great fun we have planned for the Fair – Rock Climbing Wall, Tropical Island Adventure, Jumping Castle and Obstacle Course. We have arranged with the builders that parking will also be on this campus for the Fair.

Secondly in relation to buses, in order to make things flow we have put the following in place:

  • TM Coach students will be on buses at 2.50pm – they do NOT have Form (no lesson time lost).
  • All Primary students finish at 2.50pm from Monday 16th Feb – this will assist with pick-up and our Teachers are on duty at front of school and gazebos.

Thank you so much for your support. All is running smoothly here at the College and we believe that students and staff have all settled in and are happy. Please contact me if you ever have any concerns – my door is always open. We are looking forward to our Fair and I am sure that you and family will have a fabulous time. Please try to be here for the Opening Ceremony at 12noon.

June Melbourne


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