Term 1 Week 7

The Primary Swimming Carnival was a big success and the sun did shine.
The Sydney – Canberra trip is on next week. This will be a wonderful experience and I know Mr Buchholtz is looking forward to welcoming our students and teachers at Parliamnet House, for a personalised tour.
Senior Art students are off to the gallery in Brisbane on Monday.
Next Wednesday is a Secondary College theme dress day organised by SRC – wear your favourite supporter’s outfit and watch teachers v student basketball at lunchtime. Gold coin donation to aide Fiji crisis.
P&F meeting Wednesday 16th March at 2pm in the Uniform shop – hope to see you there.
Big thank you for the ongoing support of our Parent Helpers; Odette Johanson; Hala Dunbar; Natascha Lowry and our Senior leaders who assist in the Snack shop on a weekly basis: Harry Simington; Charlotte Stubbs; Kyle Walatara; Kash Pereiaslov; Wade de Bruyn and Kayli Sas – Parent helpers are always encouraged to assist with Snack shop when they are available.
We send our best wishes to Emily Schonfisch who is competing in the Junior National Championships in Perth this weekend for the U17 Girls Hammer Throw.
Absences need to be communicated to the office as a priority, to assist parents we have created an Absences notification tool on our website available 24hrs 7 days per week. Please email [email protected] advising of student name, reason, date from – to, or you may use the student absences form here.
Parent/Guardian help – TMC Policy is for visiting parents that are attending to the school for any other means than collecting their student must sign in at the office and wear a Visitor’s pass.
Furthermore, Parents are not to use student toilets – this is mandatory for safety reasons. Parents can use the disabled toilets only. There is signage to that effect.

As we get into the last couple of weeks of Term 1, students will be studying and preparing for tests as well as getting those important assignments completed. Yr 11 & 12 are the only groups with an exam block which starts next Thursday – one of the privileges at this level is that students need only attend for actual exams.

Teacher/Parent Interviews are conducted in first week of next term (Tuesday 12th April) for discussions relating to Term 1 Progress Reports. Of course you can make an appointment at any other suitable time through the office, if you wish to see your child’s teacher.

On the website there is a Forms link for parents to download forms as required. Also online payments are now available on our website for creditcard payments for tuition/excursions/uniforms.

Any student arriving late – after 9am – must report to the office to sign-in before proceeding to class. This is extremely important due to the need of accurate attendance records in the advent of an emergency.

Digital Resource Centre (DRC) – Digital Library. Our Digital Resource Centre started operating in Term 4 last year.To access the DRC you will need to use your child’s TMC email address and password. For those unsure of your email address, it should be the initial of your first name, then your last name, with @tmc.qld.edu.au at the end.Please see your child’s teacher if you are unsure about the password. e.g. [email protected] step-by-step guide of how to access the DRC is here, including Apple & Android apps:

Equestrian is headed by two girls in Yr 10 this year. Kate Green and Katherine Glover have volunteered to supply information to our keen Equestrian students to assist them to follow the events through-out the year.

P&F held its first meeting on Wednesday 10th February in the Uniform Shop. Laureen Holmes was elected President and Tim Guymer Vice President. It was an excellent turn out. It was a pleasure to announce that the College has made another property acquisition next to our Primary Campus. This gives us 4 extra acres which will be considered as part of our Masterplan and Strategic Plan by the College Board.The next P&F meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 16th March 2pm.

Primary Campus 2016: TMC Board has approved Stage 1 of development for Primary with new buildings positioned in front of the existing building and adds another 4 classrooms to that campus – begins March and due for completion semester 2 2016. We are also planning Stage 2 with another 4 classrooms planned on the secondary site next to the MKLC for 2017 construction period.

The car park is planned for extension during the June holidays. Please use the current carpark for drop-off and pick-up zones or park and wait for your child. There is parking on the grass area in front of the Primary and the next property along, but please do not park on the opposite side of the road.

Enjoy the weekend.

June Melbourne

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