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curriculumTamborine Mountain College’s intention is to provide personalised education, catering for individual optimum learning with a ‘family’ like environment.  The College has set standards in the area of academics with a strong focus on core curriculum.  Our academic program seeks to create confident students who develop into independent learners.

A wide range of avenues are on offer to nurture and encourage students in an array of areas. Tutorials are on offer every afternoon between 3pm – 4pm so that students can receive subject teacher assistance or extension. An instrumental music tutor is available for those students who wish to pursue a musical talent. Gifted and talented programs are available to ensure that students who are gifted feel that they are valued in a learning environment which both challenges and supports them to pursue excellence and develop a passion for lifelong learning.


Primary follows the Australian Curriculum and offers French right from Prep class.


For Junior Secondary Years 7, 8, 9, and 10, the College has a core curriculum. These subjects are English, Maths, Geography, History, Science, Art, French, Drama and Physical Education, providing a holistic grounding for Senior Secondary education.


IMG_9751The Government’s “learning or earning” laws mean students will be required to complete Year 10 at school and go on to complete a further two years of education and training, either into Senior schooling or the workforce on a full time basis.

At Tamborine Mountain College students will work towards a Senior Statement.  There are two pathways for students to choose from:

  • A strong academic focus with the goal being an Overall Position (OP) and entrance into tertiary study or
  • A school-based traineeship (SBT) with the goal being the attainment of the QCE and then an apprenticeship or trade, post Year 12.

Yr 11 & 12 is a 2 year course. The majority of Year 11 subjects are Formative ie forming skills in preparation for Year 12, but all of Year 12 for all subjects is Summative ie adds up to/is the sum of studies for exit levels and OP.

Senior Statement and QCE

At the completion of Year 12, students will receive a Senior Statement with a record of their subjects and other qualifications achieved such as a Certificate III from a School-Based Traineeship. An OP is determined ranging from 1 – 25 (1 being the best, 13 average). This OP is used for University cut off points for different areas of study eg OP 1 –Vet, Doctor, OP 6 – Law etc.

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is a school-based qualification awarded at the completion of the senior phase of learning, usually at the end of Year 12.  It confirms a student’s achievements of:

  • a significant amount of learning – at least 20 credits. As school studies and other learning, such as SBT, are completed, these achievements or credits, as they are known, are banked and the learning account grows just like a bank account.
  • a set standard of achievement – minimum SA in all subjects.
  • meeting literacy and numeracy requirements – determined by a pass in English and Maths.

​Subject Selection​

Line 1 English, English Communication
Line 2 Maths A, Maths B, Pre-Voc Maths
Line 3 Biology, Maths C, Drama, Drama In Practice
Line 4 Physics, Art, Art In Practice, PE
Line 5 Chemistry, Modern History, Geography
Fridays Drama Excellence Program, Fitness Cert III + Sport & Recreation Cert II

We give seniors a study day (Friday) which is a privilege and any student who falls behind in assignments or studies will lose that privilege, which means attending College on Fridays.

Qld Core Skills Test (QCS)

This state-wide testing is done over 2 days in early September of Yr 12. Students are prepared for this with 1 period allocated in Yr 11 and again in Yr 12. All OP eligible students must sit QCS.

Arts Night