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College UniformsTamborine Mountain College is recognised by its uniform which was originally designed in 1995 by Mrs Maureen Nicholls, wife of our late Foundation Principal.  

    • Prep, Years One and Two will wear the TMC sports uniform  with a full brim soft green hat for every day. The sports uniform bears the colour of the House that the student is      in – Gold for Nicholls, Red for Walton, Blue for Kyle.
    • Years Three, Four, Five and Six – TMC formal uniform and Akubra with green jumper for winter. Boys have the option of shorts or trousers.
    • Years Seven, Eight and Nine – TMC formal uniform and Akubra with green blazer to distinguish junior high students.
  • Years Ten, Eleven and Twelve – TMC formal uniform and Akubra with navy blazer for senior high students.

Our expectation is that the College uniform is worn with pride and dignity at all times.  

The College expects that students wear a hat at all times when outside.  

Jewellery is restricted to one pair of sleepers/gold, silver or clear (not coloured) studs for either gender worn in the lower lobe.

Students should appear presentable at all times.  The uniform should be clean, pressed and complete.

Students’ hairstyles should be acceptable to the  College. Boys should be clean-shaven and hair off the face and above the collar (we do not accept boys’ hair tied back in a ponytail or bun). Girls are not  permitted to wear make-up. Girls’ hair should be off the face and must be tied back in a style that still permits the hat to be worn correctly. Hair ties should be  conservative and in College colours.

Sports uniform is worn to school on Sports Day and sporting occasions.  The sports uniform consists of green shorts, a green and gold sports top identified by House colour and green socks. Sports shoes and laces must be black or white for primary and secondary. Sports shoes must be appropriate cross-trainers.

Shoes that are part of the formal College uniform must be approved College black leather lace ups that are able to be polished. No platform soles, boots or high heeled shoes are allowed. Flat soles, sneakers, suede and skate shoes are also unacceptable.  

Uniform fitting weeks for the upcoming school year are usually held late November/early December as well as the week prior to start of the new school year. Appointments can be made online.

Uniform Lists

Prep – Year 2

Year 3 – Year 6

Year 7 – Year 12

The following examples outline what is considered acceptable for formal College shoes:


The following examples outline what is considered acceptable for sports shoes: