On Sunday 16 October, students from your school successfully competed in the Brisbane Schools Karate Tournament. This was a major karate competition with entries from 163 school age karate students who competed in Kumite[1] and kata[2] events. State, national, Oceania and world accredited karate referees officiated. Competing students from your school and their results are listed below: Chelsea Walatara 2nd – Female kata 13-14 yrs Non-Black Belt 2nd – Female kumite 13-14 yrs Non-Black Belt Karate training, and tournament preparation in particular, requires a high level of determination, dedication and enthusiasm which deserves recognition. Congratulations to Chelsea. [1] Kumite, a Japanese word, meaning freestyle sparring or fighting. [2] Kata, a Japanese word, are detailed choreographed patterns of movements practised either solo or in pairs. Students are assessed on technique, form, speed, strength, balance and rhythm.

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