The past two week has seen our students compete in four days of Track and Field carnivals. The level of skill and application to these carnivals has been impressive to watch. Our students competed with distinction in their chosen events.

School Athletics:

Once again our secondary track and field carnival was a huge success. After all the events were tried and won, the day went to Kyle on 1282 points. This was a hotly contested carnival with Walton in 2nd place on 1133 points. Nicholls rounded out 3rd place on 907 points. Our age champions for the Secondary Track and Field Carnival are:

12 Years Girls – Mia Moloney
12 Years Boys – Cooper Miller
13 Years Girls – Charlee Drake
13 Years Boys – Zac cacciola
14 Years Girls – Satene Arnold
14 Years Boys – Adam Stasch
15 Years Girls – Zoe Lewis
15 Years Boys – Jackson Davis
16 Years Girls – Janie Ritson
16 Years Boys – James King
17 Years & Open Girls – Ashleigh Cooper
17 Years & Open Boys – Riley Davis

HIA Athletics:

We travelled to The Kooralbyn International School (TKIS) to compete at the HIA Track and Field Carnival. The day produced some very good results in individual events. We finished the day in 2rd place (1957 points) behind winners TKIS (2174 points). Individually, the following students achieved success in age champion results:
12 Years Girls – Ciara Erwin 2nd
12 Years Girls – Mia Moloney 3rd
13 Years Girls – Charlee Drake 1st
13 Years Girls – Georgia Lowther 3rd
16 Years Girls – Emily Schonfisch 3rd
17 Years & Open – Ashleigh Cooper 2nd
12 Years Boys – Noah Eastment 2nd
13 Years Boys – Zac Cacciola 3rd
14 Years Boys – Adam Stasch 2nd
15 Years Boys – Erik Stasch 1st
15 Years Boys – Ethan Christie 3rd
17 Years & Open Boys – Riley Davis 1st

District Athletics:

Around 50 of our athletes aged 10 – 18 travelled to Griffith University to compete against the Hinterland District Schools. This year was our most successful year in terms of individual results and overall school success. In an average year we have three to four students make it through to Regional Athletics, with this year we had 11 students make it through to Regionals. The school Athletics Program is starting to take shape and some serious results will occur over the coming years. The most outstanding results over the two days of competition were:

Amy Williams Yr 4 won 10 year girls Discus
Jackson Davis Yr 10 won 15 year boys 400m and 200m
Cooper Miller Yr 7 won 12 year boys 100m and 200m
Ethan Christie Yr 9 won 15 year boys 100m
Sam Elliott Yr 12 won 17 boys Discus and Shot Put
Adam Stasch Yr 8 won 14 boys Discus and Shot Put
Riyani Kettle Yr 11 won 16 girls Javelin
Erik Stasch Yr 10 won 15 Boys Discus and High Jump
Ashleigh Cooper Yr 12 won 17 girls Triple Jump

As you can see this is an outstanding performance by our students. Most of the students who placed 1st or 2nd are now off to compete at the South Coast Regional Track and Field meet. Some second place results are awaiting another meet before they can be announced. We wish these students all the best for this meet.

District Athletics Photos

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HIA Photos

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