Sampling the cheesy goodies!

On Thursday 18th May, Year 3 went on an excursion to the Witches Chase Cheese Factory. We wanted to learn about what machines they use to make cheese, how they make it and see all the cheeses that they make. We got to taste different types of cheese. My favourite was the cheddar cheese because it was delicious. I didn’t like the blue cheese – it was gross! After Michael showed us all of the machines that they need to make the cheese, we saw inside the cheese shop. There were some old machines in there that they used in the old days. It was so cool and I had a great time.
Porita Liviani, Year 3

Michael explains the cheese-making process

On Thursday 18th May the Year 3 students went on an excursion to the Witches Chase Cheese Factory. We went there so we can learn how to make cheese because we are learning about Farm to Table. We got there by bus and it only took a few minutes. It was fun but it smelt weird. We also got to taste all sorts of cheeses on crackers. They tasted awesome.
Year 3 Vic and Val all had so much fun and there was a man named Michael. He talked to us about how to make cheese and it was interesting. Some of the cheeses were very smelly and we saw some old machines that the used to make cheese. It was a great morning!
Ella Kidd, Year 3

A traditional machine used to make cheese

A special thank you goes to Meredith Morris (College parent) for having Year 3 back for another year at her cheese factory! The students look forward to it every year and they had a fantastic time.

Miss Lynch (Year 3 Vic) and Miss Eagleton (Year 3 Val)

Meredith Morris’ Witches Chase Cheese Company is a Tamborine Mountain icon

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