On Sunday 13th August, for the second year running, TMC students competed in the French division of the annual MLTAQ (Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland) Speaking competition at Griffith University. The 12 representatives from our school included Sharene Chia (Yr 9), Cleah Sullivan and Naomi Clements (Yr 8), Reuben Wright, Max Lavagna-Slater and Ashlee Redmond (Yr.7), Mia Armstrong and Molly Sturt (Yr. 6), Hannah Clements (Yr. 5) and Saffron Cavallo, Lucas Hills and Gretchen Linthwaite (Yr 4).

The diligence and dedication displayed by our students in preparation for the competition is to be commended. The outstanding results are testament to this:

YR 8: Cleah Sullivan 2 nd Place, Naomi Clements 3rd Place
YR 7: Max Lavagna-Slater 1st Place, Ashlee Redmond 2nd Place
YR 6: Mia Armstrong 3rd Place
YR 5: Hannah Clements 2nd Place
YR 4: Lucas Hills 1st Place, Saffron Cavallo Highly Commended

A huge Thank you to Madame Farah for coming in every Wednesday and Thursday to help prepare the students for the competition! I would also like to extend my gratitude to all parents for supporting their children in this event and for sacrificing their Sunday to bring them to the venue and return for the presentation ceremony.

Sally Forsythe, Teacher

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