Just touching base with you regarding Lila Lawrence and Talia Brady’s progress in the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program. All the Kokoda Kids completed the 30km Brisbane Kokoda challenge in great spirits even though some were exhausted having never walked 30km before and pushing themselves well out of their comfort zones both mentally and physically. It was especially great to see the Brisbane team and the girls Logan team come into the finish line as a united group calling themselves Team Brogan which demonstrated excellent mateship and team work skills.

On Sunday just gone Lila and Talia faced another challenge walking 30 km up and down the hills in the Gold Coast hinterland in the driving rain which is great training for not only the 96km challenge coming up but their trip to Papua New Guinea in September. The next two weeks will be even more challenging with a 35km and a 38km walks scheduled but I’m sure Talia and Lila will continue to grow and flourish with each challenge they are faced with.

Here is a paragraph written by their group leader-

Lila was quite quiet at the start of the program but she is now beginning to find her feet within the team and often offers a voice of encouragement to her teammates during our Sunday walks and our Wednesday training sessions. Lila completes her homework to a good standard and contributes her found information to the group during homework discussions. Lila is quite the Kokoda Kid to watch grow, she’s progressing well in the program and I look forward to seeing more of the real Lila!

Talia started the program pretty quiet but now you couldn’t shut her up if you tried! You can tell when Talia is sore or tired as she’ll start singing super loudly, making up her own lyrics and singing out of tune but all this provides a good laugh for our team. Every time she does, the team joins in with her so Talia brings a good sense of comradery and teamwork to our team. Talia is a credit to Team Logan.

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