On Tuesday 19th April, Year 3 travelled down the mountain to the 4Real Robotic Dairy Farm. This excursion supported our “Farm to Table” food production unit. Farmer Greig spoke to us about their family farm and how they produce milk. We watched the four robots at the farm milk the cows one at a time. We learnt that the robots are milking the cows all day and night and that the cows can come and go as they please. The cows move around the paddocks on the farm to eat the grass, grain and hay, and get milked in between the rotations.

We saw that the cows wear a collar with a special chip on the side which gets scanned as the cows step into the robot milking machine. The computer can read the name of the cow, weight the cow, show the average milking speed and how much milk the cow usually produces. It is a very clever machine!

We then viewed the bottling process of the milk through a window. We could see the factory and machines that put the milk into the bottles and then put the lids on. The bottles get filled up very fast! After this, we got to visit and pat the calves. Some of them were very friendly and didn’t mind being touched, and some of the others were a little bit more timid. There were lots of flies around the cows!

Before we returned to school we were able to taste some of the milk from the farm. The farmers put some flavouring into the milk for us to try. It was very tasty!

Gemma Lynch

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